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The Importance of Restaurant SOP

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Do We Really Need a Restaurant Marketing Plan

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How To Manage A Restaurant Business Effectively

A restaurant business is not a one man show or like a single game that can be played by one particular player or person. One person cannot successfully manage a restaurant.

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Friday, August 7, 2015


When you are working on setting up your new restaurant business, a restaurant signage is playing the most important role. There are several criteria and restrictions that we have to follow, you need to put extra efforts in order to decide what design and type of signage is suitable for your restaurant.

I believe that every restaurant owner is dreaming to have a profitable and successful restaurant business. Therefore, a proper investment to your restaurant signage is really vital.

A restaurant signage is required to make your restaurant easier to find for customers who are specifically looking for you. On the other side, a good and proper restaurant signage may bring more crowd and traffic to your establishment. For some people who have no idea where to dine, they might be visiting your restaurant if your signage attracts their attention.

A good restaurant signage can be considered as part of your marketing strategy. People who see your signage  on a daily basis, will automatically help to spread the news of your location to others who might have the interest to visit your restaurant.

You should sit and work with your graphic designer to design an interesting, simple and eye-catching restaurant signage that follows your restaurant characters and concept.

Hopefully you get the main point from this brief article about the importance of your restaurant signage to the entire business. It affects your sales, it gives you an added value in terms of good and steady traffic to your restaurant if you put more efforts in designing your restaurant signage. One thing you should be aware of when working on this issue, make it as simple as possible, clear and straight forward signage. Do not put many elements, designs, words or characters on your restaurant signage. Do not let your potential customers become confused of what your restaurant serves.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have a very good article which I copied from another restaurant marketing website, it's about creating an extreme marketing plan for your restaurant. Hope you will enjoy reading this article.

It’s the time of year that owners and managers thoughts turn to writing out a new restaurant marketing plan for the next year.  But instead of pulling out last year’s plan and simply changing the dates to this year, let me challenge you to spend the time and creative thought to create an extreme restaurant marketing plan.

Many restaurants are struggling in todays economy, yet they continue to do things the same way they’ve always done them but they expect to have different results.  It was Einstein who said that’s the definition of insanity.  If you want different results, you’re going to have to do things differently.

Here’s five ways you can turn your marketing on it’s head and supercharge it by filling your marketing plan with extreme marketing methods.

  1. Extreme Public Relations:  Those simple press releases you write up upload to a PR website are doing very little to drive traffic to your restaurant.  Take your ‘news’ and turn it into an event.  For example, if you introduce a new dish, hold a cook-off and invite local celebrities to compete against your chef.
  2. Extreme Birthday Programs: Research shows that 50% of the population goes out to a restaurant to celebrate their birthday. Tap into this activity with a birthday club. Doing it through email makes it easy and convenient to bring your customers in on their birthdays.
  3. Extreme Business Minglers:  Your local Chamber of Commerce, business tips clubs and other social clubs often choose a restaurant to meet at each month. Become their host and you’ll introduce a whole new group of people to your service and food selections.
  4. Extreme Bouncebacks: Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your customers back again for an additional visit by sending them out the door with a bounceback. For example, Starbucks stamps your receipt in the morning for a discount if you come back for a drink in the afternoon.  Most people don’t make a second visit to Starbucks in the same day, so even with a discount they are way ahead when they make a second sale in the same day.
  5. Extreme Sampling:  What’s the best way to hook someone on your food?… Let them taste it.  That’s the power of sampling.  That’s why McDonalds gives away their coffee for a week.  They want people to taste the flavor and get into the habit of ordering it.  That’s also why Costco has ‘sample ladies’ who are cooking up food for you to try. You try it, you buy it. The same theory works for restaurants.
Do you know why these methods will work for you? Each one is a solid traditional marketing method that has worked for years. The only reason they’ve gone extreme is because we’ve put the word ‘extreme’ in front of them. If you approach your marketing plan by starting with proven marketing methods and infuse them with a new attitude of excitement, you will create an extreme restaurant marketing plan that builds sales and increases profits.


If you are serious to what you are doing right now, which is running a restaurant business, you definitely need one. A marketing plan for a restaurant does help you in making the right action to achieve your main target, a good sales.

Whether you run a small or big restaurant establishment, a restaurant marketing plan is required in order to keep your action on the right track. As I mentioned earlier in my previous article, a comprehensive restaurant marketing plan should be drawn yearly. In restaurantmarketingsecret.net, it gives you the idea to create your goals for the next 12 months to map our where you want the business to be a year from now. A complete plan contains an in-depth analysis of where you are, what the conditions are in the market, and identifies your opportunities for growth.

Your restaurant marketing plan does not have to be complicated, make it as simple as possible. It must cover mainly your marketing strategies, which will be related to your financial forecast and budget. This part will provide an overview of the financial aspects of your business, how hard your marketing efforts in order to achieve goals.

Creating a comprehensive, but simple, restaurant marketing plan takes time and full efforts, I believe you will enjoy while taking this experience having a right plan. It will benefit you for a better understanding of your own business, and also provide an opportunity to really think of you business' current position. At the end, it identifies what direction you should take to go to the higher level, having a growing business by making your goals into a reality.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hi Restaurateurs!

It's been quite a long time I have not posted articles to my personal blog. After writing several articles on how to set up a new restaurant business last year, now I am moving my focus on writing and giving some articles about restaurant marketing. Although I have written several articles previously on restaurant marketing, but it would be great if I can start this concern step by step from the basic part of marketing a restaurant.

Restaurant marketing is really challenging!

I believe every restaurant owners or managers are thinking the way out to increase their tables' turnover in order to get more sales in a month. Increasing monthly sales is very important, but working on the restaurant marketing and promotional activities are not as easy as many people think. It requires hard work and get-into-details strategy about your main customers, definitely you will spend hours to learn the characteristic of your customers.

Let's get back to the focus, it is about marketing your restaurant. In order to succeed, first we need to create a comprehensive and detailed restaurant marketing plan. I am sure you agree if no plan is being set up at the beginning, we all cannot achieve our goals.

Don't get me wrong, a restaurant marketing plan is NOT an advertising calendar where you plan to place your media ads in local radio, newspaper or magazines. It is more to your marketing and promotional strategies or action plans for the next 12 months. The ideal restaurant marketing plan must be created annually, since it has to be changed, reviewed and evaluated every year following current trends where your business is located.

In the next article, I will highlight briefly some vital components that you should list in your restaurant marketing plan.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Power of Suggestion: 6 Tips to Build Sales

Recently, I just read another good inspiring article written by Michael Attias, copied from runningrestaurants.com. All restaurant owners and managers must read this article in order to increase your sales and maintain a good customer relationship. It's not about making money from your restaurant business, but it's more on how we satisfy our customers when they visit our restaurant and make them enjoying their time!

So, here is the article.

The Power of Suggestion: 6 Tips to Build Sales

"Let's raise those check averages!" the manager calls out to his staff at a pre-shift alley-rally. All the employees, except the brown nosing, people pleaser, roll their eyes and head out of the kitchen to finish up side work before the restaurant opens. 

No one wants to be sold, yet we all want to buy. Selling has negative connotations of pushy salespeople. Now suggestive selling. That's different. Someone who suggests something is doing us a favor. I'm guessing that one of the easiest strategies to increase sales, suggestive selling, has been abandoned by most operators. When things are down, it's easy to pull out the fold up chair, grab a beer and have a pity party. 

The other day I was listening to an interview by Tom Hopkins, the legendary sales trainer. He was asked about selling in tough economic times, "If business slows down, and so do you...then you'll soon be out of business." 

Well, let's discuss how to get off our cans and use the power of suggestive selling to build sales. Here are some key points: 

1. Suggest
Don't Sell. Your folks should suggest what would enhance a guest's experience, not sell them something they'll regret later. A 95 pound grandma does not need, nor will she appreciate a double cut pork chop, most of it going home. When I first started waiting tables I would ask about dessert. Most would look at me with that "we're too full look." I quickly replied, "Our desserts are half the calories and half as filling as other restaurants." My customers perked up, "How's that?" "One slice, two forks," I'd volley back with a devilish grin in my eye. Most of the time they'd order dessert. 

2. Enhance The Experience
The best upsells enhance the experience. I would often recommend a shot of Bailey's or Amaretto to pour over the cheesecake. It turned ordinary cheesecake into extraordinary cheesecake (and doubled the sale). My guests left thrilled with taking my suggestion. 

3. Sell The Benefit
I loved booking catering jobs. There were certain items that were almost a given a catering client should order like drinks and desserts. If ever I met with resistance with the drink upsell, I would use the following script, "Our drink packs give you enough for each guest to have two drinks. You can pick from two flavors in gallon jugs: sweet tea, unsweet tea, peach tea and lemonade. We give you the cups, ice, lemons, sweeteners and spoons for only $1.25 per guest. It sure beats schlepping down to Kroger, loading up your cart with all of that and hauling it back to your office." 

The mental picture of wasting an hour, lifting heavy drinks to save a few bucks made the sale. The benefit was time and energy savings! 

4. Give Them A Reason Why
Why should I buy from you? Why should I take your suggestion. Sometimes you may offer a discount if the guest takes an upsell or if they buy two upsells. "My manager ordered in too many of our fudge-nut iced brownies. If you order the drink pack for only $1.49 a guest, I can throw in the fudge-nut iced brownies. That's a $1.25 a guest savings. 

5. Sell Specifics
"Would you like dessert?" "Would you like brownies?" "Would you like to add our homemade fudge-nut iced brownies to your catering order? They're a little thicker and richer than regular brownies, but not quite as thick and rich as a piece of fudge. It's the perfect bit of sweet after a barbecue lunch." Now which phrase would get you to buy? Enough said. 

6. Ask For The Order
Zig Ziglar has one of the best lines I've heard, "Shy salesmen have skinny kids." You must ask for the order: "Would you like me to add the fudge-nut iced brownies to the order?" "Would you prefer the tea and lemonade or service or the canned drinks and bottled water?" Don't Ask. Won't sell.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Restaurant Marketing Ideas: How to Get More Loyal Customers to Our Restaurant

So, who are actually loyal customers? Are they really loyal to your restaurant business? Many restaurant owners and managers believe that loyal customers are very important for the growth of their business. A loyal customer will come back and visit your restaurant again and again.

Therefore, it is very important that we always provide and maintain the highest standard of food and services in our restaurant. Once you have been able to do this, then you will get more and more customer loyalty, and at the end you will be able to increase your market share in the competition with other restaurants.

Here are several simple tips you may follow in order to get more repeat and loyal customers to your restaurant business.
  • Give your customers great services and personalized touch. Most customers they expect this!
  • Increase your speed of service and improve your variety of products to offer. Changes and innovation are necessary because people are most likely easy to get bored.
  • Be able to solve your customer's problems fast before they call you to solve it.
  • Update your customers with your current of in-house promotional activities and programs. They love to hear from you and make yourself ready to answer them for any question.
These are few simple tips you may consider in order to increase your customer loyalty in the business. It is easy but you have to be very focus on making it all done very well.